May 6, 2010

A Surprise Must-Have: The Clare Dress

Just when I think my list of spring and summmer Lilly items to obsess over is complete, I get talked into trying on the Clare Dress in the silk jersey. Now I must say, I am not typically a fan of dresses and blouses that are sized small, medium and large. I just don’t think they ever really fit anyone well. Yet somehow, the Clare Dress overcomes that obstacle. Fitted in just the right places, it still leaves enough to the imagination so I don't feel overexposed. And this is quite a feat given the few extra pounds of baby weight that currently grace my frame.

It is – dare I say – perfect. I can definitely see myself wearing this for date nights with my husband or nights out with the girls. Now if only I could talk my way into a discount…

Clare Dress, shown in Hotty Pink Lace By the Docks

1 comment:

  1. I loved this dress too, it was just a tad long for me. I love the versatility of it!



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