May 13, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday

In honor of Trish, also known as Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, I am observing Pink and Green Thursday today. Enjoy! (And be sure to check out Trish’s beautiful blog!)

Little Girl’s Flowers Pique Ruffle Dress from Ragsland

Frogs A-Fishing Shortall from Orient Expressed

Margherita by Missoni china. Photo from Bloomingdales.

Flower Arrangement by Belle Fleur in New York City

Laduree Macarons

Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf. Photo from Sephora

Printed Tunic from Boden

Happy Thursday!


  1. Tara this is sooooo amazing, I am so excited that you played this week! Let me know if you need me to help you link up on my post. I am in love with that Boden tunic, what a beautiful find! I am swooning over the floral arrangement, peonies and roses, what a gorgeous combo! The Ragsland ruffle dress is to die for, too bad they don't make that in my size! And the baby fever is kicking in just looking at that sweet little shortall! :) Happy Pink & Green Thursday sweetheart! xoxox

  2. P.S. Tara I went ahead and linked up for you - wanted to try it out and make sure it worked! :) Thanks again for playing!! xox

  3. Nice to discover a blog and fellow player of Pink & Green Thursday! I love that china set and those macaroons look wonderful!

  4. I love that tunic! So pretty!!

  5. I want that Boden tunic in a bad way. So fab!

  6. Lovely post, great pictures for the pink and green Thursday!

    I'm your new follower :-)

  7. I'm heading to Paris in less than two weeks, and Laduree is on the top of our must see list!!!

    That tunic is just beautiful!

  8. What lovely goodies ~ I'm in need of that tunic!

    Thank you for visiting my blog ~ it'a ao nice to meet you. Please stop by again.


  9. I am in love of the fishing shortall!! SOOO CUTE! :)



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