June 10, 2010

Am I the Only One?

Okay, I LOVE gorgeous, high-end footwear as much as anyone.  Take this lovely shoe for example:

However, I do not actually own any Christian Louboutin's - yet - because I can't justify the price knowing how quickly they will get scuffed up - and well, just basically really, really worn (inside and out).  I keep reading posts on other blogs about people wearing their VERY FAVORITE pair of super high-end shoes over and over for years on end and how they still look great. What am I missing? I can't be the only clutz around who somehow bangs up her shoes, can I?

Am I the only one who is rough on shoes?


  1. I think they make friends with a cobbler. My friends that have super expensive shoes have them reheeled often!

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  2. My super expensive end up falling a part just like any other pair. My Nine West heels are the ones that have lasted years and years with minimum repairs! I rather spend the money on a really nice purse...

  3. It is so hard. But I have to get my nice work shoes resoled every few months. But I agree, it's a pain to keep nice shoes nice. I don't buy very many for that reason. I walk really hard on my shoes.


  4. I am very hard on my shoes- I tend to find a few pairs I love, then wear then so much that they fall to pieces, then onto the next few, lol!
    I always try to find shoes on sale, because I know they are usually priced waaay over their true value in the first place, as with anything! Hope you're having a great day!

  5. love those louboutins, they are gorgeous! Its okay if shoes get banged up a bit, gives them some personality :)

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