June 12, 2010

Sugar Rush

Here's the thing: I have a little sweet tooth.  (O.K., if we're really being honest "little" should be replaced by "massive".)  I think I may have mentioned this before.  And since my birthday is coming up in a few short weeks, I'm toying with the idea of asking Hubby to order me a fabulous cake.

Here are a few of the lovely confections I've been eyeing:

Strawberry Layer Cake from Very Vera

Bailey's Irish Cream Layer Cake from Very Vera

Lemon Blossom Cake from Black Hound New York

Don't these look delicious?  If you were going to order a special dessert, what would you get?


  1. Ummmm, yeah. I want one of each. And I don't mean a piece...I mean the whole cake. HA!

  2. All three look amazing! My favorite "fancy" dessert is tiramisu (followed by creme brulee).

  3. The strawberry cake looks delicious!



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