June 4, 2010

Sweet Bliss

I am enjoying one of those blissful days at home with my children that I always dream of (you know, in those not-so-blissful moments when I’m rushing to make preschool drop-off and then zipping off to run errands with the smaller set). Everyone has been fed and the babies are napping while my two-and-a-half-year-old plays happily beside me. In fact, he is engrossed in an activity that has become all the rage in this house as of late — the Melissa and Doug Vehicles in a Box Jigsaw Puzzle Set.

In no time at all my son has become adept at piecing them, and he can now assemble all four wooden puzzles on his own. And he’s more than a little obsessed. This set has been such a hit and is such a fabulous learning toy that I am planning to order one or two more. Perhaps the farm animals and the sea life sets this time?

(The Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzle sets are available from Amazon.)


  1. That does sound blissful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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