June 29, 2010

Another Year Come and Gone...

Today is my birthday, but my big celebration was last weekend. On Sunday, my husband and I left the children with a babysitter and went to Wildfish, which is a fabulous restaurant. You must visit if you happen to find yourself in San Antonio. We started with their famous calamari (in an asian-inspired sauce) and for the main course I ordered salmon served with a pineapple salsa that was heavenly. And don’t even get me started on the stuffed potato. It was the size of a football! (No kidding. I should have taken a photo to share with you. Maybe next time.)

The night before, my boys gave me a Lilly Pulitzer gift card, which my husband encouraged me to spend right away. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what I got, because it’s not an item I’ve mentioned before.

It’s the Iris Skort in Hotty Pink Full Sun, which is a great gift from my children since I can wear it with a cute T-shirt or tank during the day. (It also looks adorable with the sweater shown above, but let’s face it – sweater weather is a distant memory here in San Antonio.) Technically, this skort was intended for golfing, but as a mom I love skorts for everyday wear because they look like skirts, but have shorts underneath to give me a little discretion as I bend, reach and run after my kids. I have a number of Prussia Skorts from previous years that are among my go-to items.

In addition to the Lilly gift card, my husband gave me something else I’ve been wanting for a while – an Amazon Kindle. (He actually gave this to me a few weeks ago. He has a really tough time keeping a secret.) I am thrilled with the Kindle, as is my husband, because now when we travel I can tuck it into my handbag and not have to lug a stack of books with me. (Yes, I am one of THOSE PEOPLE. I always want to make sure I have all the reading material I could possibly want when I travel, so I take tons of books. And I usually end up stopping at the airport bookstore and buying something anyway. My husband finds these habits maddening!) The Kindle makes this drama unnecessary because I can keep all of my books right at my fingertips and I can order new books and newspapers at the moment I want them and they are delivered wirelessly to the device.

For those of you who are dying to know what’s on my Kindle, here you go:

The very first book I ordered was Social Climbers by the lovely Mrs. Beth Dunn. What a fun read! If you have not read it yet, I have one question for you: What are you waiting for? And if you have not yet checked out Beth Dunn's adorable blog, make sure you pay her a visit. One thing I know for sure is that this girl LOVES fashion and she has a to-die-for wardrobe to prove it.

Well that is all I have for you right now. My children are napping, so I think it is time for me to go curl up with my Kindle and enjoy the rest of my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Tara.
    How lovely of your family to set you up with such a lovely day along with charming gifts!
    I fully plan to purchase Beth Dunn's book as I have heard nothing but great things about it.
    I, too enjoy my Lilly skorts and am sure you will as well, it allows such freedom skirts will not. :-)
    Have a lovely day, cheers!

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Tara!! Hope it's a great one.


  5. Happy Birthday! I got a Kindle for Christmas and love it!! Haven't used it in awhile though...need to get back to reading!

  6. What a great early birthday! My husband is the same way about gifts. If he gets me something early, he won't wait until the actual day to give it to me. He ALWAYS has to give it to me earlier. I'm reading SC right now and love it! Maybe a Kindle should be on my wish list. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Many happy returns of the day:).

  8. Thank you all so much! It has been a really wonderful birthday.

  9. I am so glad you came over to visit tonight so I could come back and wish you a very happy birthday, or I hope it was. :) xoxo

  10. Happy birthday! I hope your week-long celebration was fantastic. What great presents!!!

  11. Hey beautiful Tara! Hope you had the bestest birthday ever! Your skort is precious, I bet it looks precious on your cute figure! I've got a Kindle on my wish list too :) That restaurant in San Antonio sounds delish, I think I would LOVE IT, especially the salmon, YUM! Sounds like a lovely day for you.

    BTW Come on over, I've got an award for you here!! xoxoxo

  12. Oh Happy Birthday!!! Xoxo-BLC



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