June 8, 2010

Bringing Nell Hill's Style Home

For years I have been a fan of Mary Carol Garrity, who is the founder of renowned home furnishings store Nell Hill’s, a syndicated columnist, and the author of a multitude of books on interior design and entertaining, including  Nell Hill's Style at Home and Nell Hill's Feather Your Nest. She has a knack for arranging home accessories and designing tablescapes that I absolutely love. I’ve often dreamt of traveling to Atchison, Kansas for a visit to the Nell Hill’s flagship store, but alas I have not gotten there yet.

You can imagine how excited I was to discover that some of the company’s beautiful (and well-priced) home accents are now available online.

I’m particularly enamored of:

Set of Six 5“ x 7” Fern Prints ($74.00)

Medium Apothecary Jars, Set of Three ($41.00)

Wooden Bird Trays, Set of Two ($59.50)

Verdi Urn Table Lamp ($88.00)

In addition, Ms. Garrity has a fantastic new blog where she shares some of her design tips. The fun is only just beginning!


  1. Awww those fern pictures are too cute!!! I'm checking out that blog right now! Thanks girl!! :)

  2. I stopped by to thank you for clicking to follow Back Porch Musings.

    Nell Hill's is a favorite of mine. I've been so fortunate to shop Mary Carol's store in Kansas City and Atcheson. I have also toured her home a few times. She is a lovely person, you would enjoy meeting. If you haven't had a chance to see Nell Hill's stores in person, I recommend it. Folks visit from all around the country. The last time I was at the KC store MCG was tweaking and arranging things. I passed by and said Hi Mary Carol. She always makes time to say hello and make you feel welcome.

    I have those trays and would love to have the other things you've featured in this post.

    Thanks again for stopping by the back porch.

  3. Pat, I have heard that Ms. Garrity is very nice and I would LOVE to meet her sometime. Hopefully I will get the chance!



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