September 26, 2010

The End of an Era

After five fun years, the Lilly Pulitzer store in San Antonio closed its doors for the final time yesterday.  I think you all know how much I adore Lilly and can imagine how sad I feel. I will truly miss this store and its wonderful staff, who were always so friendly and so willing to help locate an item they didn’t have in store.   What a tremendous loss for our community.

Lilly Pulitzer at The Shops at La Cantera

A few of the amazing staff members on the final day

(Notice how sadly empty the store is in the background.)

Kim and me

Of course, I couldn't leave without one last purchase!  I brought home the Jonah Dress in Don’t Be Koi, the Janet Dress in Off the Hook, the Lexie Crew in Lilly’s Pink (to pair with some of my skirts) and an Original Tote in Flowey Wowey.

My final haul from the Lilly store at La Cantera

As sad as the day was, I came away with one exciting surprise - a sneak peek at Lilly's upcoming Resort Collection.  All I can tell you is that it is SO FABULOUS that I may just have to make a trip to Austin.  (Don't forget, I have three children under the age of four.  I do not routinely schlep to Austin, but for this new collection, I WILL.)  You will see some of your favorite styles from recent seasons returning in to-die-for prints, along with some gorgeous new styles, and a lot of pieces that will be perfect for that long-awaited vacation.  And of course the names of the new prints are so cute, so tongue-in-cheek, so Lilly...


  1. I am so sad to hear they are closing. We are closer to Austin, but to be honest, we visit San Antonio more. We are also hoping to be assigned there in the near future.
    I can't wait to see the new Resort collection, and I LOVE your Jonah dress and new bag...both of those are calling my name!

  2. It is sad to hear of any Lilly store closing. I hope they had a good sale as they went out. I have and LOVE the Jonah, my Fall Favorite! I can't wait to see Resort! Thanks for sharing. XOX Sue

  3. So sad for you! But I LOVE your most recent purchases! I've seen the Resort too, love it all. I've already pre-ordered the light blue Jonah! Perfect for Carolina football games. :)

  4. That is sad. I've got a couple of stores not too terribly far away, and I'd hate to lose either one.

    I love the Jonah dress, and I can't wait to see the Resort collection now.

  5. No worries - the staff in Austin is great and will do what you need, too. Love the Jonah -- bought one for myself and my 7 year old minnie. My twins are now 7.5 and my singleton is 4! Looking forward to meeting you and Jamie. Perhaps we can lunch at the Domain before a Resort shopping trip with or without the kids!

  6. Oops the "Anonymous" is from Liza in Austin!

  7. It is so sad when a Lilly store closes; we get so close to the girls, they feel like family!
    I am so jealous of everyone who has seen resort already; I have heard so many great things I am dying to see it already!!
    The Jonah in don't be koi is my favorite fall purchase; thus far! Such a reat transitional piece and so comfy.

  8. I was soooo sad when the lilly store closed! My mom and I went in all the time and the staff was so sweet! I guess we will be making the trip to Austin too:/



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