September 8, 2010

Beautifully Aged

I am more than a little taken with the weathered, farmhouse style dining tables that are all the rage at the moment. Last week when I was at World Market, I was surprised by the loveliness of their new Provence Dining Collection. (This photo from their website does not do this justice.)

Provence Dining Collection from World Market

In person, it reminded me a lot of Restoration Hardware’s divine reclaimed wood dining room furniture.

Farmhouse Collection from Restoration Hardware

Avignon Salvaged Dining Table from Restoration Hardware

Do you like this look?


  1. I do! Our kitchen table is truly old and knotty and worn and scratched and scuffed and nicked like crazy. I love, though, that it is a gorgeous worn piece with lots of character. I also have twins and love that they cannot possibly do anything to ruin it or cause me to *gasp*. Unlike the dining room table at which I am always on edge!

  2. Hi Tara! How are you sweetie? Hope all is well! I adore this look, I think you can do so much with it! I especially love the chairs paired with the table #3, although my taste is more traditional as in #2, I like how versatile the table is!! :) Happy weekend to you! xoxo



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