January 28, 2011

The Pantyhose Question

Do you still wear pantyhose on occasion, or do you feel that they’re outdated and no longer needed? I'm noticing that more and more really young women (read: under age 25) don’t seem to wear hose anymore. My rule has always been that hose aren't necessary in warm weather with a dress and sandals, but I always wear them if I’m wearing pumps.

Last weekend, I found myself face to face with this question when we took my oldest son to a preschool admissions open house and I ended up with a rather clingy situation due to my pantyhose. My outfit included a gray pencil skirt, a lavender cardigan, a domed black leather bag, some classic black pumps, and my standard-issue Hanes pantyhose. The skirt in question is J.Crew's double serge pencil skirt, which is a thick stretch-sateen and is unlined. Typically, I would have added a slip, but that doesn’t really work well with a fitted pencil skirt. With every step I took on my left foot my skirt clung to my hose and bunched up a little. Not enough to be indecent, but I’m sure it looked funny and it made me self-conscious. I considered taking off the hose, and even wondered if I should have worn them in the first place. (Let me add that I was more dressed up than 99% of the mothers we saw.)

So the question remains: Are pantyhose necessary? What do you think?


  1. I say no to panty hose & yes to opaque tights. I have dark brown, grey & black that I wear with boots & pumps. I'm sure you looked fine though!

  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Living in very fashion forward city, I have gained new perspective on the panty hose issue. As a southern gal, it used to seem pretty cut and dry, to me: opaque tights in the winter, panty hose in the warmer months. And this was only if you observed the rule of wearing panty hose to begin with.

    In Tokyo, women of all ages wear panty hose and tights. They come in a multitude of design and colors that I find so refreshing and lovely. They seem to embrace fashion and buck the rules, as opposed to (like me) those who live by them.

    Personally, I do not wear panty hose. Opaque tights, on the other hand, I love in the cooler months. They add a little formaility, go with both poots, heels, or flats, and with all the options available, can be very fun to don. Plus, there is a little something sassy about them.

    I hope this offers you a little perspective.

    I'm sure you looked lovely! It sure sounds like you did.

    My best to you and yours...



  3. I grew up wearing hose but they always drove me crazy. As I have gotten older I only wear them at certain times, make that rarely.

  4. I am 28 and have never worn a slip or pantyhose! (Well, I may have worn hose when I was 12 because my mom suggested it!) Sometimes I think I should, but sooo not used to it and usually decide against it!

  5. I find I don't wear hose much. Really it depends on what the occasion is and of course the weather. Generally I opt for tights most of the time if it's really cold.

  6. Depends on the situation. Here in Charleston, women of a certain age wear them almost all the time. I'm almost 50 but never wear them in the summer at all unless I'm wearing a suit.



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