July 24, 2010

Random Saturday

I hope you won’t mind if I interrupt my usual commentary on fashion, books and children’s clothes for a slice of daily life.

For an accurate idea of what I'm referring to in the following paragraphs, picture your favorite blogger (hah!)  in jogging clothes, pushing this, with an antsy toddler running alongside.

I was having “one of those” mornings. (Yes, even Mrs. Julep has those days.) I was desperately in need of a trip to the post office with three cranky babes, no help in sight (Hubby’s working) and I wanted to get there before the line got too long. We got there early, but there was already quite a wait and my toddler was understandably antsy. (And of course, the sight of my twin stroller plus my tot is enough to attract attention from every well-meaning person for miles.) Little jaunts like this have a tendency to throw off our schedule for the rest of the day, and today my husband has begged me to have this crew on schedule so that we can enjoy a wonderful dinner out. (The restaurant we’re going to makes a delectable cucumber martini that is calling my name…)

Needless to say, I was feeling (and probably looking) rather harried. Cue the lovely woman in line behind me – who as it turns out, is someone I should know. She hails from my home state of Virginia and graduated from Mary Washington, where I attended for a brief semester before transferring schools. We were actually at Mary Washington at the same time in neighboring dorms. Add to this the fact that she also lived in the DC area before she and her husband moved here, has two little ones of her own (and a third on the way) and her second child is the same age as my toddler. And of course she lives in my zip code. How random is that? I adore this kind of coincidence. Fortunately she is also the friendly sort who voluntarily slips her phone number to people she hits it off with in line at the post office. (This is absolutely the kind of thing I do when I’m not so frazzled.) Overall, this ended up being a very interesting start to my Saturday and totally worth the schedule juggling that commenced once we returned home.

Needless to say, I do have some fun finds to share with you, but they will have to wait for another day. If you’ll excuse me, the children are napping and I need to figure out which of my Lilly P. frocks to wear tonight….


  1. so after reading your entire post, is it a shameful thing that the only thing i can think about is a refreshing cucumber martini? that just sounds so absolutely delish. right before i became pregnant, i was obsessed with asian pear martinis and nearly ten months later- i practically salivate when i hear anything that ends in -tini. i hope i can make me some new momma friends as easy as being in line at the post office!! i'm pretty sure i'll be spending the next three months as a big ball of frazzled, i can only hope my new mom friends will take pity on me! :) have a wonderful dinner tonight! :)

  2. How wonderful! Sometimes one meets new friends in the most amazing ways.

  3. I hope tonight's dinner was fabulous! Which frock did you choose?

  4. That cucumber martini sounds so yummy! My family and I just moved from Virginia to Texas so I know how nice it is to make new mommy friends. Hope dinner was a blast!

  5. Such a small world!! I love stories like that!

  6. Ashley, I know you will find ways to meet new mommy friends! (And they will probably be frazzled, too, so that will be part of the comraderie!)

    Henley, I decided to wear my Preston Dress in the Crystal Blue Bloomin' Irises Print.

    And to everyone else - dinner was wonderful and that drink was just what I needed on a hot summer evening!

  7. How much fun is that! Hope you had a chance to relax :)



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