June 22, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Starts at Midnight

Yesterday's rumors have been confirmed.  Lilly Pulitzer is hosting a 2-day sale event at some of our favorite Signature Stores starting at midnight, and going through Friday, June 24.  My sources say that retailers are allowed to include the  first couple of deliveries from the Spring Collection in this sale, but summer merchandise will not be discounted.

For a list of participating stores, visit the Lilly Pulitzer Blog.

Note: The Pink Pelican is advertising items discounted up to 80%, and a special freebie for early bird shoppers. (Visit their blog for more details.)


  1. Yayyyyyy!!!! Thanks for the update girl!

  2. The Pink Door is having some on 80% too.

  3. Thank you, Ruth! That's great information. I love The Pink Door!

  4. What a fabulous dress, I love it! Tara, you might be interested to know I have a Lesley Evers dress giveaway on my blog - it would look fab on you!



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