June 21, 2011

Rumor Has It….

How often do you believe rumors? Do you repeat them?

Lilly Pulitzer Maxine Dress in Painter's Block

I try not to spread gossip, but I heard a rumor today that’s so juicy I just had to let you all in on it. The word in “Lillyland” is that the pink and green, preppy label is about to announce one of their rare publicized sales, with many Via stores participating and items as low as 70% off. Supposedly, the sale will start tomorrow night at Midnight. (Or more accurately, Thursday morning.) Is it true? Only time will tell… but I’m working on my wish list just in case!


  1. dont hold out on us if you find out this sale is true:)

  2. I wouldn't dare hold out on you, Jill! I'm trying to remember how much notice they gave us before the last big sale. I don't think it was announced until the last minute...

  3. You're so in the know girl! Can't wait!



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