May 6, 2011

Derby-Pie… Or Not

When many people think of traditional, nostalgic fare to enjoy at a Kentucky Derby celebration, two things come to mind: Mint Juleps and Derby-Pie®.

The original Derby-Pie® was created by the Kerns family as the specialty dessert for the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky, in the early 1950’s. Famous for its sumptuous combination of chocolate chips, walnut pieces, and secret filling inside a delicate pastry crust, Derby-Pie® soon garnered so much attention that its makers registered the name with the U.S. Patent Office and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Melrose Inn closed in 2000, but you can still buy authentic Derby-Pie® at more than 100 restaurants and retail establishments located in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, or you can have one delivered to your door.

Of course, imitations abound. One clever variation, which is known as Not Derby Pie, was developed by blogger Rivka Friedman’s mother. The name Not Derby Pie refers to the fact that the original confection’s name is registered, so Friedman’s mother wanted to make sure the distinction was clear. You can find the recipe on Friedman’s blog, which is also named Not Derby Pie in honor of her mother’s special creation.

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